Wireline Services Are Critical For Oilfields: An Overview!

Ever wondered what goes in production of oil? Discover, research, and management of reservoirs and oilfields involve a bunch of steps, but more importantly, operations must be done with accuracy and while ensuring safety of the wellbore and people at work. Wirelines and slicklines help companies in management and research of wellbores. A slickline is a nonelectric cable that’s used for delivering and retrieving tools in a wellbore, while wirelines have varied uses.

Companies like Renegade Wireline Services help in working on oilfields, enabling clients to save on money, costs and effort, in an efficient manner. In this post, we are discussing more on why wireline services are critical for oilfields.

Explaining wireline services

Wirelines are a type of cabling technology that’s a notch above slicklines. While different kinds of tasks are achieved through slicklines too, wirelines are more desirable, because wirelines can be used in harsh environments and wider applications. With the right mix of tools and equipment, wirelines can be used for various tasks, including inspection and videography of reservoirs. Most oilfields now rely on outsourcing their requirements to wireline service providers, who ensure that oil and gas exploration tasks become easier and simpler. From basic intervention services, to pipe recovery and other critical aspects like reservoir evaluation, these wireline services can do it all.

Basic uses at a glance

In most cases, wirelines are used for inspecting reservoirs and wellbores. Sometimes, it is important to gather information about a reservoir before further production work can begin, and for such requirements, slicklines alone are not enough. Wirelines are advanced and rely on various arrangements to get details that help in taking decisions. At the same time, wirelines are used for gathering data, which is critical in the petroleum industry anyway. Other uses include finding information on pore size, finding details of hydrocarbon formation pressure, and checking for the location of casting collars. Samples retrieved thorough wirelines from reservoir and wellbores come in handy for extensive research.

Final word

Wirelines are necessary and a step up in the field of oilfield production. If your company is looking for help with reservoirs and needs wireline services, make sure to look for professional names that have a great repute and take adequate safety steps to prevent incidents. Workers need to be trained, and they must be insured, considering how volatile work on an oilfield can get. Check online for more details on wirelines.

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