Necessary features of a great web application

The web app development agency in Singapore should add to your web app the following necessary features.

Use of social profiles

As the majority of your users will have a social profile, you should think of simplifying the process of signing up to your web app with any of these social handles. In traditional login methodologies, the chances for loading issues are more and your users may ignore the app for this reason.

Analytics integration

The primary factor of running a web app or a website is the knowledge of the users’ behavior on the website. If you do not know what your users are doing on the website and whoever are visiting it, you cannot implement any new features or change the existing ones. Hence, it is mandatory to integrate the web app with any analytics tool.

Web push notifications

Push notification is the recent trend in keeping your customers engaged with the web app. If you implement this strategy in your web app, all your users (according to the selected demographics and region) will get customized notifications from your web app. Even if they are not using the app currently, they will receive this notification.

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