Knowing The integrity of Data Warehouse System

The management and controlling of business is a long and hectic process. One needs to maintain large accounts of transactions and transfers for a successful image in society. Many business persons use spreadsheets and database formats for effective functioning. Many companies have a personalized and customized application for processing the transactions of the company. The online transaction processing system can update, create, or delete any data from the database.

The business uses an OLAP system, also known as a Data warehouse, to analyze and report the data extracted and loaded from the various operating systems. They can be divided into the following types-

Data Mart- The data mart is a subsection of the warehouse. It is commonly used for managing a certified business unit or functional area of an organization like the sales department, production department, etc.

Enterprise data warehouse– Such a data system is used to spot the company’s top decisions.

Operational data- This type of data store has similar functions to the enterprise data. It is widely used for Operational purposes.

Many organizations use data lake software for managing and analyzing the data. It is the latest technology with an open ecosystem. The software aids in enabling the structured and unstructured form of data into the original forms.

Understanding the difference between Data warehouse and Data Lake


There is a difference in the processing of both the data managing system. The warehouse data system has organized data that is stored. Moreover, the data lake system stores the data in a temporary form. Under this system, the information is stored, and the data gets saved from the source of data.

Data types

The Data warehouse is made to store the organized structural data like CRM and financial data. They do not have the facility for storing sensor data or social media data sources.

However, in the Lake data software, the facility stores the data related to social media, rich data, and the webserver. It is compatible with the Storing of typical models and Sheer source of data.

Advantages of data warehouse

The data warehouses have many benefits like-

  • It has advanced business intelligence that helps integrate various sources and decision processes.
  • This system has enhanced the security of data. All the departments are facilitated to make intelligent data decisions for the uniformity of data.
  • It provides the best real-time and accurate performance results. The software has the facility to preserve the old history of the data sources.

Things to check before considering data managing software

The method for storing and sharing the data is essential. Inconsistencies and difficulty in data sharing can create a hassle task for the company. One should keep certain things in mind before opting for data analysis software-

One should check the integrity of data storing in various systems. An operating system that doesn’t provide integration for multiple businesses will cause complications and hectic work.

One should also check the performance-related experience of the operational system. The data lake system should be able to solve complications related to the business.

The reporting and analytics of the data must be consistent between various departments.

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