Comparing Crane Rental Agencies: Things To Consider

Construction projects often need different types of cranes, primarily to get materials up and down as the building gets bigger. Using cranes is also about safety and reducing the time required for each job, and most companies, including developers and construction services, rely on crane rental agencies for their project needs. This allows them to rent cranes as and when needed, instead of investing in new equipment, which is often not economically feasible because of upfront costs. Not all crane rental companies are same, so as a client, you need to discuss a few aspects beyond the pricing alone.

Start with equipment condition

When it comes to crane and construction equipment, renting often makes sense because you can get what you need and for an affordable price. However, for your project to move as smoothly as possible, it is absolutely important to have a rental service that doesn’t compromise on upgrades, repairs, and maintenance of cranes. Ask them if the rental equipment is regularly repaired, and if yes, when was the last check done.


Although price isn’t the only factor for selecting a crane rental service, we recommend that you get an estimate in advance. One aspect that will influence crane rental costs is duration of the rental. You may need cranes and other related equipment for many months, or just a few days, depending on the project. When it comes to long-term crane rental, it is possible to work on the costing by discussing further.

Insurance & maintenance

During the actual construction work, cranes may suffer impact, and there could be a need for additional repairs, replacement, and maintenance, which should be ideally handled by the rental company. However, do ask this question and make sure that the company is insured. They need to have their equipment insured, especially if your insurance doesn’t include coverage for rental cranes and equipment.

Full-service vs. rental

A full-service crane rental company will also send in their staff to operate the equipment, and if yours is a small construction project, or you don’t have the necessary expertise and experience, you can consider that as an option. Mere crane rental doesn’t have to cost a fortune, although you must still discuss other things like on-premise safety, term, costing, and maintenance.

Check online now to find more on crane rental services in your city and ask for estimates right away to get started with discussions.

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