An Overview of Virdee Concierge Services

Virdee’s concierge service and ID check are mobile and offer a seamless in-lobby experience. They also provide in-room amenities and room upgrades and combine mobile and kiosk capabilities to address 100% of guest needs.  Virdee can be launched quickly and with minimal investment on one seamless platform. This article will provide an overview of the benefits of Virdee’s concierge services.

Virdee Concierge

Virdee is a SaaS company that offers concierge and guest services solutions to hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. Its virtual reception service provides a virtual experience to hotel guests, elevating the check-in and check-out processes. Virdee Concierge offers a complete solution to the guest experience, including remote assistance, payment processing, access control, and payment collection. The technology integrates a wide range of PMS, smart security, and payment providers and can be tailored to meet any property’s needs. In addition, it can automate front desk tasks, collect guest data, and increase revenue streams.

Virdee Concierge provides a virtual reception experience for hotel guests, integrating with major hotel systems. This allows guests to video chat with a remote agent before entering a property. It also includes check-out kiosks and mobile apps that make check-in simple. Guests no longer have to provide their credit card or ID to check-in. The system also stores payment information for future check-ins. Virdee Concierge is an easy-to-use, convenient option for guests that demand a personalized experience.

Virdee Kiosk

With Virdee’s mobile app and in-lobby kiosk, your guests can quickly check in. Guests can check in from their room or any other access-controlled area with the touch of a button. With in-app purchases, they can also pay for room upgrades and additional services right from their smartphones. It’s the ultimate convenience for your guests.

Virdee’s virtual reception solution automates traditional reception functions, freeing your staff to focus on guest needs. Its in-lobby devices and mobile app make it easy for guests to check in and stay connected. Virdee also helps you reduce staffing costs by providing a frictionless experience. Guest information is stored and sent straight to the cloud, so staff can stay at the front of the line and focus on your guests’ needs.

Virdee ID Check

If you want to improve your guest experience and cut down on costs, Virdee can help. Using its virtual reception software, Virdee automates front-of-house workflows to make life simpler. From ID verification to payment collection to access control, Virdee streamlines front-of-house processes for hotels, apartment communities, and other types of properties.

Virdee combines mobile key management with ID verification and payments with a sleek kiosk experience to enhance guest experiences. In addition, it connects guests with a virtual concierge to handle any guest inquiries. With Virdee’s mobile platform, your hotel can eliminate a front desk or offer the option of remote assistance. It also provides many additional benefits, including increased revenue and reduced staff costs.

Virdee Mobile

Virdee Mobile is a guest engagement platform that provides a touchless, in-lobby experience. With mobile key management, ID verification, payment, and remote assistance, Virdee enables properties to provide a seamless guest experience. In addition to the touchless in-lobby experience, Virdee can help increase revenue by providing convenient access to amenities and payment processing. In addition, guests can use the app to purchase extras, resolve lockouts, and more.

The Virdee Mobile in-lobby solution integrates with your existing hardware and software, allowing you to create a more efficient check-in strategy. Virdee offers a sleek kiosk experience and an app that connects guests with a virtual concierge. The app handles all aspects of check-in, including providing a mobile key to access a guest’s room. Additionally, a remote assistance feature allows guests to connect directly with hotel staff from the app.

Virdee Enterprise

In-room assistance, ID checks, and payments are just a few of the features Virdee provides with its mobile service. In addition, with its kiosk feature, Virdee delivers an elegant in-lobby experience, addressing 100% of guest needs. With its global presence, Virdee can help any size hotel – from boutique properties to luxury brands – and all price points.

Virdee offers a fully contactless check-in experience that lets guests check in on their mobile device or in-lobby device and then proceed directly to their rooms. Virdee also integrates with smart security devices and payment providers to enhance a property’s technology and operations. In addition, the software streamlines check-in processes while collecting valuable guest data and increasing revenue streams.

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